A separate entity by itself, St. Michael’s Montessori offers a curriculum that ensures a smooth transition of a child to a structured school life. It offers a wide range of activities that help children grow intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. Children learn best through varied challenging and engaging activities that are relevant to their lives. Keeping in mind the intellectual range of children, the Montessori curriculum provides a learning environment that stimulates curiosity and eagerness for learning through varied themes. It provides a platform for children to think independently to take on intellectual challenges with confidence. The Montessori provides ample opportunities for self expression and self discovery in different areas like dance, music, clay modelling and drawing.

Why St.Michaels Montessori?

  • Facilitation of natural love for learning.
  • Focus on the potential of every individual child.
  • Maximum of only 36 children per Montessori environment.
  • A well-equipped Montessori environment with all necessary teaching aids.
  • Inspiring confidence and nurturing the child’s desire for learning through discovery and social interaction.
  • The Montessori trained teachers are encouraging, engaging and value the individual child.
  • Assessment is done by progress of the child and not by grades.

The Approach

  • We teach by teaching not by correcting.
  • We use a Scientific approach to Learning by using specialized teaching aids.
  • Child’s natural abilities are utilized in the process of Learning to exploit their potential.
  • Children work at their own pace, as we believe that each child is Gifted with their own unique abilities.
  • At St.Michaels, children learn how to learn, preparing the child for future academic and social excellence.

The Results

  • Habits and skills developed in a Montessori environment remains for a lifetime.
  • Transition of children onto different fields becomes much easier.
  • The children become socially responsible and have a drive to succeed.
  • The children develop respect for others and value education.